Jigsaw @ St John's Preschool                             Birthdays                                                                              As we have had a few birthdays to celebrate recently and had noticed that the children were bringing in party invitations to hand out to their friends we decided to do some birthday themed activities.                               We created a birthday themed tuff tray and filled it with feathers, birthday banners, bows, glitter and a cake stand with cake. We put out cake cases for the children to fill with cornflakes and count how many scoops to fill the case. We wrapped boxes as presents. We made chocolate rice crispy cakes for the children to take home.                                                                             Walk to the local shop                                                    The idea behind this was to show the children how they could go to the shops and buy friends or family a birthday present and other things like groceries. On the walk we looked at the environment on our way and how else we could have travelled there other than to walk i.e. we looked at the bus timetable. We talked about the post box and why we might need to use one of these. We highlighted the importance of road safety.                         Recent cold weather                                                            With the recent cold weather the children have been excited to talk about the snow and we arranged some weather themed activities.   We collected objects to see if they would float or sink in water and discussed the reasons why? We painted ice cubes. We talked about cold weather. We talked about how to look after our bodies when it is cold. We put lots of glitter and snow flakes into a big bowl and then filled it with water. The children placed it in a safe place in the garden overnight to see if the water would freeze by morning.                                                                                                                     As the cold weather continues, could we please ask that you bring in a named coat and wellies to wear in the outdoor area.                                                                        Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                            Please take a look at our facebook page ‘Jigsaw at St John's Preschool’ to see what fun we all have!                                                                                                              We finish for the half term break on Friday 15th February and return on Monday 25th February.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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