Children's development and learning

The provision for children's development and learning is guided by The Early Years Foundation Stage (DCFS 2007). From September 2008 the Early Years Foundation Stage became law. The areas of Development and Learning comprise of three PRIME areas and four SPECIFIC areas.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

*Making relationships

*Self confidence and self awareness


Physical Development

*Moving and handling

*Health and self care


Communication and Language

*Listening and attention




The specific areas include essential skills and knowledge. Play helps younger children develop all of these important skills including:


1) Literacy

2) Mathematics

3) Understanding the World

4) Expressive Arts and Design



Our Celebration Tree:


We have a Celebraton Tree in each setting which is used to celebrate the children's achievements at home and at preschool.  This can be in the form of a  written note or photgraph which will be put onto an apple or a leaf and placed on the tree for everyone to see.   This could be any achievement - having had a dry night, eating all their tea, being helpfull etc.  The Celebration Tree helps link home and preschool and makes this process as enjoyable as possible.  The tree works really well and the children seem to enjoy sharing their experiences with us and each other.


We are here for you.


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Kathrine Davis

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Titchfield Community Centre

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Jigsaw @ St. John's

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Jigsaw @ St. John's

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